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Whether you are looking for simple relaxation or an intense immersion in healing, we offer a spectrum of guided assistance to restore your energetic balance.

Melt stress and tension away as you steep in the frequencies your body craves.

Our sound massage table uses vibroacoustic speakers to deliver a remarkable experience of sound immersion.

Good for:
  • Stress relief
  • Pain management
  • Relaxation
  • Energy Balancing
  • 30-45 minute session
$ 45

When your energy spectrum is balanced, your soulĀ  plays a harmonic melody of health and joy. When it is imbalanced, or out of tune, the resulting dissonance disrupts your spectrum, destroys the harmony, and, when left unchecked, can manifest physically and emotionally in a multitude of ailments.

A Spectrum Tune-up works to rebalance your energy frequencies and re-establish the proper flow of energy throughout your system.

  • Voice analysis
  • Wellness assessment
  • Sound & Reiki Therapy Session
  • Coaching, tools, and techniques for self-healing
  • 60 minute session
$ 65

Ready to take your healing journey to the next level?

Whole Spectrum Mentoring guides you on a journey of self-awareness. Learn how to fully take charge of your own health and create a life of peace and fulfillment as we walk together on your personalized path to whole-being wellness.

  • Techniques for increasing self-awareness
  • To understand and be true to your authentic self
  • To set and achieve authentic goals
  • To balance and work with your own energy
  • Meditation techniques personalized to work for you
  • To reprogram unhealthy thought and behavior patterns
  • 90 minute session
$ 85
initial session, follow-up sessions $65
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