Whole Spectrum Wellness

An Innovative Approach to Health and Well-being

You are a being of energy—an orchestra of matter, thought, intentions, and emotions—a spectrum of frequencies, vibrations that blend together to play a magnificent symphony—the expression of your soul—You.

When your symphonic energy spectrum is balanced, your soul’s orchestra plays a harmonic melody of health and joy. When the orchestra is out of tune or imbalanced, the resulting dissonance disrupts the spectrum, destroys the harmony, and, if left unchecked, can manifest physically and emotionally in a multitude of ailments.

The goal of Whole Spectrum Wellness is to restore and maintain the harmony of your soul’s symphony. You are the conductor. You have the power to decide how your symphony is played, the power to restore your own health and well-being. Whole Spectrum Wellness will help you tune your energetic orchestra and rewrite your music to live as a more healthy and authentic you.

Whole Spectrum Man

How it Works

Whole Spectrum Wellness breaks your symphonic energy spectrum into 7 healing note frequencies. Harmonic assessments identify imbalanced notes and then employ targeted tools to reharmonize your soul’s symphony. When the notes are well-balanced, natural healing is triggered resulting in a release of emotional blocks and an increase in vitality. Whole Spectrum Wellness supports you in the composition of your personal healing program, providing knowledge and techniques to balance your healing notes and fine-tune your symphony.

Embark on a Unique Healing Journey

Utilize the Healing Notes of Whole Spectrum Wellness to take control as the conductor of your soul’s symphony—compose the best You.  

Schedule a Whole Spectrum Wellness session with us today and receive:

  • Wellness assessment that includes voice analysis reflecting the harmonic status of your Healing Note spectrum
  • Personalized Reiki/Sound/Energy session

Healing Note Highlights

Spiritual Note

This note strengthens our connection with the Divine (God, the Universe, or however you define your Higher Power). It is the energy of oneness, leading us to see the bigger picture. It stimulates us to seek and learn.

Intuitive Note

This note sparks creativity and dreaming. It teaches us to create our lives with intention and inspiration. It instills trust in our own inner guidance so we can recognize and understand truth clearly.

Expressive Note

This note enables communication, listening and interacting with others. It empowers us with confidence to express our own truth and the ability to respect other’s truth. It frees us to live with integrity.

Empathic Note

This is our center of peace. It embodies compassion and love for ourselves and others. It urges us to deeply know and understand ourselves, giving us courage to be true to our authentic selves. Strengthened by the energies of the other notes, this note enables us to radiate our energy out into the world.

Emotional Note

This note hones our emotional power in a balanced and healthy way. It helps us accept responsibility for ourselves and bolsters our courage to take necessary risks. It fortifies our self-understanding and enables us to let go of “baggage” that no longer serves our harmonic progress.

Sentient Note

This note prompts us to be mindfully in the present moment. It motivates us to be flexible in our beliefs and strengthens interpersonal relationships. It reminds us that life is a sensory experience to be lived within appropriate boundaries.

Physical Note

This note provides structure and support, connecting us with the energies of the earth. It is the foundation of feeling safe and comfortable in our tangible world. It impels us to flow naturally with life and remove blocks in our path.

Awaken Your Inner Harmony

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