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Lightning & Sandstorms

The scan of my right eye confirmed why I was seeing the sandstorm – it was actually blood inside my eye! I had a retinal tear and needed surgery as soon as possible.

When facing storms of despair - choose hope.

Choose Hope

When the storms of life leave you in despair, there is a way out–choose hope.

Why not me?

Why Not Me?

When the cry of “Why Me?” bubbles up in your heart, ask yourself, “Why not me?” and you may find that your trials are your greatest blessings after all.

Are You Done Yet?

Are You Done Yet?

In the midst of the struggle against what is happening to us, it may be helpful to stop and consider if we aren’t fighting the very thing that is best for us.

Woman with arms flung out in joy silhouetted by a sunrise with the title Find Your Joy.

Find Your Joy

The challenges and trials of life will never be greater than the sum total of our joy if we take the time to find the joy that surrounds us.

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