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Communication Insights

What is the purpose of communication? As an author this question has always fascinated me. It is critical to provide a scene that a reader can visualize as if they were observing it unfold through a crystal ball. It must be conveyed in a manner which allows the reader to accept the scene as authentic. Once the reader has lost “faith” in a scene, despite how wonderful the plot, the whole book loses its je ne sais quoi and the reader puts it down and resists picking it up again.

Horses eyes with blinders on with the title Look Beyond the Blinders

Look Beyond the Blinders

Trying to understand a child’s perspective instead of imposing our will upon them may help us avoid inflicting trauma on one another.

Closeup of the head of a butterfly with the title A Matter of Perspective.

A Matter of Perspective

We often view the world through a perspective formed in our insecurities. When that perspective shifts, our world may change in profound ways.

Bored little boy sitting on metal steps with the title Entertain Me.

Entertain Me!

The difference between being bored and entertained often lies in how we choose to experience and engage in the moments life offers us.

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