Sunrise with the title A Meaningful Life

A Meaningful Life

The world would have you believe that you are nothing…nobody. But what is it that really makes a meaningful life?

Piled suitcases with the title Excess Baggage.

Excess Baggage

We accumulate all kinds of baggage in this life. Much of it we choose to carry with us even when it makes us miserable and serves no purpose.

A black chalkboard with "words have power" written in thick chalk lines.

Change Your Words

If we choose our words carefully, we can reprogram our perceptions and shift our world-view and maybe attract more positive experiences into our lives.

Woman with arms flung out in joy silhouetted by a sunrise with the title Find Your Joy.

Find Your Joy

The challenges and trials of life will never be greater than the sum total of our joy if we take the time to find the joy that surrounds us.

Dandelion seeds blowing in the wind.

The Song of the Wind

As children we view the world through eyes of wonder. The magic seems to fade as we grow older, but does that have to be? Recapture the joy of wonder.

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