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Facing My Fear

My dad laughed, looking relieved, and said, “I know how smart you are. Your imagination is a powerful thing and can give you strength when you are scared to do something. It is important to learn how to do this. Now you know how to accomplish something when you don’t want to do it and know it is good for you to do it.”

Graphic of a section of iron fence with the title Resisting Change.

Resisting Change

If we let go of our resistance to change, especially change suggested by others, we may find that change can be very, very good.

Are You Done Yet?

Are You Done Yet?

In the midst of the struggle against what is happening to us, it may be helpful to stop and consider if we aren’t fighting the very thing that is best for us.

An Error sign with the words Letting go of someone else's story.

Someone Else’s Story

Don’t live in fear of making mistakes. Learn to correct your mistakes, give help where you can, and then let go of someone else’s story.

Mule deer posing for the camera in a field.

Courage to Leap

The story of a young deer teaches a valuable lesson. When faced with obstacles in life, gather your courage and take a leap.

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