Tuning Fork Therapy: Using Tuning Forks in Water


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by Francine Milford

From the cover:

All around us are forces of energy. Sound and vibrations affect us in ways that we don’t even realize. They can soothe and calm or excite and energize. How does your body respond to a marching band…or to a waterfall? By understanding the nature of sound and its vibrations, we will be able to use certain frequencies to help our bodies achieve and maintain harmony.

Sound and vibration affect the very cells of our body. Thanks to the work of Masaru Emoto, we can incorporate the used of tuning forks in so many more ways…including water.

In this book you will discover simple ways to enhance the water that you drink to aid your body in the healing process.

A chapter is included in the book on how to use the Mineral Tuning Fork Set and the eleven minerals that they represent.


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