New Bach Flower Body Maps


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Treatment by Topical Application

With a comprehensive atlas of body maps indicating treatment zones

by Dietmar Krämer & Helmut Wild

From the cover:

Dietmar Krämer, one of Germany’s most innovative practitioners of Bach Flower Therapy, here develops powerful new therapeutic applications that remain true to Edward Bach’s wish for simplicity and ease of use. Until now, the most effective Bach Flower Therapy could only be performed by sensitives—those who could see the changes in the human aura caused by physical and emotional illnesses and could treat them accordingly. New Bach Flower Body Maps, with its unique system in which areas of the body are correlated with each Bach Flower Remedy, makes anyone an expert. The 242 areas are accurately mapped out in over 200 clear diagrams, making it simple to diagnose a condition and decide upon the proper remedy for treatment.

The effectiveness of the flower remedies is greatly increased when they are applied topically in the form of compresses or ointments. Negative emotions manifest themselves as physical changes in the body’s energetic structure; thus more rapid improvement can be achieved with topical application than by administering the drops orally. Physical ailments are directly relieved when the flower essences are applied to the skin, and underlying emotional problems can be treated with pinpoint accuracy. Using Krämer’s groundbreaking work on the relationships between the flowers, preventive treatments are also possible. The procedures are illustrated by many case studies which confirm the effectiveness of this significant now extension of Bach Flower Therapy. Since mental well-being is externalized in the skin, Bach Flower Remedies are also used in beauty therapy. Many practical examples illustrate the use of Bach Flowers in skin care.


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