Meditation Skills


  • Discover the purpose, different types, and the benefits of meditation in a bundle of six sessions.
  • The goal of the course is to understand and develop meditation elements, building them into a practice that works for you.
  • Payment is accepted at check-in for each workshop. We accept cash, check or all major credit cards.
  • Workshop series goes for six weeks on Tuesdays (6pm to 7pm)                                               ONLY 4 SEATS AVAILABLE

Week 1:  Awareness – Mindfulness

  • Overview of workshop
  • Understand different brainwaves
  • Recognize your thoughts and beliefs that serve you

Week 2:  Presence – Movement

  • Be present in this moment, not the past or the future
  • Feel your physical body

Week 3:  Healing – Emotional Release

  • Understand vibrational energy and how to manipulate it
  • Learn to transform emotional energy
  • Allow healing as you reprogram thoughts – What you resist persists

Week 4:  Communion – Universal Connection

  • Understand your connection to your environment – influence your surroundings with interactions of love and gratitude
  • Connect to power higher than yourself

Week 5:  Creation – Mantra

  • Understand Conscious and subconscious roles – push through self-imposed limitations
  • Change to Theta/Delta wave state
  • You are not a victim – you control your thoughts

Week 6:  Peace – Find Your Center

  • Take elements that you have learned work for you and incorporate them into a habit of stability and balance
  • Develop resistance to triggers


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