Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies


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A Simple Guide to Using Homeopathic Cell Salts

Healing with nature’s 12 mineral compounds

by Nigey Lennon & Lionel Rolfe

From the cover:

In the 1870’s, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler revolutionized German homeopathic medicine. A homeopathic physician, Dr. Schuessler believed that the approximately 2,000 remedies of his day could be simplified. After the doctor determined that effective ingredients in the remedies were their mineral constituents, he isolated these components and developed twelve individual remedies—the Schuessler cell salts—that are essential to maintaining health.

Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies is a simple yet comprehensive guide to the history, theory and use of cell salts. Part One provides a history of Dr. Schuessler’s discovery, a brief overview of each cell salt, and comprehensive instruction for using the remedies. Part Two features a Simplified Remedy Guide offering an A-to-Z listing of common disorders and their remedies. This is followed by a detailed discussion of each of the cell salts. Round out the book are a chapter on using cell salts for youth and beauty, a glossary of terms, and a resource list of firms that sell the remedies.

At a time when millions are rediscovering the many benefits of homeopathic medicine, Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies provides a valuable introduction to the safe and effective use of cell salts.


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