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Tome I: Invitations - Requestor Series

Alyona is dead.  Ottilee has been kidnapped.  The Requestor knows who is behind it.  He has been pushed far enough and has finally decided to act. 

Will his methodical planning be enough to get the Triad and Down-Below Humans he has hand-picked together?

What forces will help and which will hinder the Requestor and his recruits?

Join the cast and marvel in Steampunk gadgets, aether inventions, and secret lairs, while sipping tea or Turkish coffee.

Cover of the book Beyond All Sorrow

In a dangerous world it helps to know the face of your enemy.

Briarly castle has been sacked by unknown forces, its defenders slaughtered.  Now it is up to its new lord, Bryant Beringar, to refortify its walls and protect its people.  No small task when the nameless enemies outside the walls may not be as dangerous as the madwoman within them.

Duty demands sacrifice, and sacrifice he will to build a new life in a new home.  But first he must survive long enough to discover what lies beyond all sorrow.

Cover of the book Mirrors of the Soul

The Carolina colonies in the 1690’s are the perfect place for a fugitive to vanish—or so Jared Tanner believes when he flees England to escape a charge of murder and a vengeful colonel who vows to hunt him down and see him hanged.  Jared wants only to disappear, yet when he meets Felicity James, a girl in desperate need of a champion, Jared finds that even the wilds of Carolina may not offer refuge enough.  To save her he must face the demons of his past and discover his own worth before it is too late…

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