Dandelion – Rosemary Gladstar

     Dandelion data summary from Medicinal Herbs, A Beginner's Guide, by Rosemary Gladstar, 2012, pages 124-128 (ISBN 978-1-61212-005-8)
  • Dandelion root, with a mildly bitter flavor, can be used for liver tonic or blood purifier.
  • The root encourages optimal digestion with rich supply of bitter compounds stimulate tongue receptor sites, which then in turn signal the digestive tract that food is coming. The leaf can have similar effect.
  • The root stimulates the production of bile, which helps break down cholesterol and fat.
  • Root can be sliced like a carrot and added to stir-fries and soups, or pickled,
  • Dandelion leaf has been used as a mild diuretic in cases of water retention, bladder problems, and/or kidney problems.
  • Leaf is good source of potassium, iron, calcium, vitamins, and trace minerals.
  • Leaf may be steamed (like spinach).
  • Flowers may be eaten.
  • Flowers and stalks contain a milky latex that is helpful in ridding warts.
  • Key Components include vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, potassium, calcium, inulin, sesquiterpenes, carotenoids.