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Emotional factors play a tremendous role in health and well-being. Bach Flower Remedies support healing by addressing emotional and mental factors using a homeopathic approach. The remedies will not interact with other medications. They have no side-effects and are non-addictive.

Please note that Bach Flower Remedies are not a substitute for medical treatment. If your symptoms persist, please seek the advice of a medical practitioner. Homeopathic type remedies are not regulated or approved by the FDA.

Remedy Keywords Indicators Positive Potential
Agrimony Hides problems behind a cheerful face * dislikes being alone * distressed by contention & discord * extreme peacemaker (avoids confrontation at all costs) * minimizes problems * people pleaser * seeks to avoid unpleasant feelings by turning to drugs, alcohol or distractions * sociable * diplomacy * growth from challenges * harmony & peace * honesty * joy * openness * optimism
Aspen Fear & worries of unknown origin * anxiety attacks * has trouble sperating reality from fantasy * nightmares * overactive imagination * oversensitive * superstitious * unfounded feelings of fear & danger * aware of sensitivity and can use it constructively * confidence * desire for new experiences & adventure * fearlessness * inner peace * security
Beech Critical, intolerant * clings to prejudices * irritated by small things * judgemental * lacks tact * only sees the negative * overly sensitive to personal criticism * self-critical * too critical of others * can accept criticism & give constructive criticism * compassion * good judgement * sees the positive * tolerant * understanding
Centaury Easily led, weak-willed * always giving to others * always puts others needs & desires first * doesn't stand up for self * easily exploited * inability to say no * often takes on more than they can do * subservient * aware personal needs and able to meet them * can stand up for what they believe * knows when to say yes & when to say no * stays true to inner purpose
Cerato Do not trust your own judgement * accumulates knowledge but never uses it * afraid of making mistakes * always seeks advice or confirmation from others * can't be spontaneous * indecisive * eager to learn * intuitive * quickly forms their own opinions * trusts own decisions * trusts themselves
Cherry Plum Fear of losing control of yourself * afraid to talk about feelings * fear they are having a nervous breakdown * feel like they are about to explode * lack of self-control * obsessive * rage * violent impulses * calm mind * courage * proper expression of emotions * rational * self-control * spritiual strength * strength
Chestnut Bud Failure to learn from past mistakes * inability to learn from other's experience * inattentive duriing conversations * carelessness * learning disabilities * makes the same mistakes repeatedly * recurring ailments * recurring experiences, arguments, accidents, etc. * uninterested in correcting problems * able to foresee possible mistakes * ability to learn from other's experience * enjoys learning * learns from mistakes * observant, pays attention
Chicory Over-protective, possessive * critical, nagging * demands constant attention * easily hurt or offended * emotionally demanding * expects others to conform to their ways & ideas * subtly controlling, manipulative * able to take care of your own personal needs * feels worthy of love * gives without expectation of return * respects others choices & paths
Clematis Lack of interest in present moment, daydreamer * absentminded, daydreamer * doesn't feel at home in reality * finds it hard to live in the present * needs a lot of sleep * often out of touch with body * sometimes unable to differentiate fantasy from reality * surroundings are often disorganized and chaotic * able to bring your dreams into reality * creative * fully present & interested in life * sense of purpose
Crab Apple Poor self-image, feel unclean inside & out, exaggerated need for order * disgusted by their body * feels sinful, stained or dirty * obsessed with cleanliness * obsessed with trivialities * perfectionism * phobia of germs, dust, insects, etc. * acceptance of personal imperfections * creates order without obsession * positive self-image * sees things in their proper perspective
Elm Overwhelmed by responsibility * can’t let go of responsibility, unable to delegate * feels lack of stamina to accomplish all that is wanted or needed * overwhelmed by responsibility * tasks feel suddenly overwhelming * temporary exhaustion or despondency * temporary self-doubt * able to delegate wisely * able to take care of needs * capable * confident * doesn't take on more than can be reasonably handled * responsible
Gentian Doubt, despondency, pessimism * always doubts a positive outcome * always focussed on what could go wrong * disappointments cause depression & dejection * easily discouraged by small setbacks * insecurity * needs a lot of encouragement & positive feedback * readily gives up when confronted by unexpected difficulties * skeptical * able to encourage & support others * accepts setbacks as learning steps * attempts new things with confidence * believes that there is a solution to all problems * unshakeable faith
Gorse Extreme hopelessness & despair * cannot hope that things will get better * has given up all hope * has given up the fight * no energy left to try * resignation * a belief that all things will end well * faith & hope * inspires others with their confidence * recognizes the positive in difficult situations
Heather Self-absorbed, needs an audience * dislikes being alone * overly talkative about self * self-centered * takes themselves too seriously * unable to listen to others * compassionate * good listener * helps others * selfless & understanding
Holly Jealous, envious, hard-hearted * bad-tempered, aggressive * creates enemies * distrustful * easily annoyed * easily offended or hurt * explosive reactions * feelings of rage, hatred, envy, jealousy * suspicious of others motives & actions * vengeful * compassionate * generous * inner harmony * loving & lovable * openness & good will toward others * takes joy in other's fortune & success
Honeysuckle Dwells in the past * constantly talks about the past * homesickness or nostalgia * tendency to live in the past * unable to let go of regrets * unable to look toward the future * unable to move forward in the present * can let go of regrets & move forward * learns from the past * lives fully in the present * understands how the past relates to the present
Hornbeam Mental exhaustion, 'Monday Morning' feeling * feels exhausted * feels overburdened with demands * has to push themselves to accomplish daily responsibilities * lacks energy to face the day * lacks enthusiasm & motivation * often feels the need for stimulants * wakes up more tired than when they went to bed * energetic * enjoys life * lively mind * spontaneity * vitality
Impatiens Impatient, easily irritated * constantly pressured by time * doesn't finish their sentences * finishes other's sentences * has a hard time waiting * irritability * makes rash decisions * no patience for the pace of others * overly independent * prefers to work alone * able to wait for things to take their natural course * alert, quick thinking * gentleness * keeps things moving * patience
Larch Lack of confidence * always compares themselves unfavorably with others * expects to fail before they have even tried * fears failure * inferiority * unwillingness to try * awareness of potential * belief in one's own ability * not afraid to develop talents * objective about strengths & weaknesses * unconcerned about failure or success
Mimulus Fear of known things * anxious & tense * excessive fear from known causes * fears can be easily named * hypersensitive * over cautious * phobias * shyness * timidity * brave * confident * enjoys life without fear * faces challenges with humor & confidence * not ruled by anxieties
Mustard Gloom & melancholy for no apparent reason * cries easily * feels weighed down * feelings come & go completely out of control * overcome by gloom & can't shake it off * sudden depression with no apparent cause * time seems to pass slowly * inner stability * joy * unshakable peace no matter the circumstances
Oak Exhausted but dutifully struggles on * continues to work from sense of duty even when utterly exhausted * despondent from overwork * dutiful & reliable no matter the cost * has little concern for personal needs * ignores impulses to rest * shoulders the burdens of others * able to relax * able to take care of one's own needs * accomplishes a lot but knows when to stop * fulfills duty within reasonable parameters * strength & endurance
Olive Exhausted in body & mind * craves peace & quiet * complete exhaustion * everything is an effort * feels drained, used up * life lacks zest * needs a lot of sleep * no energy or motivation * doesn't exhaust reserves of strength * interest in life * peaceful * recognizes the needs of the body * restoration of strength & energy
Pine Self-reproach, guilt * apologizes for everything * blames self for other's mistakes * feel unworthy, undeserving * needs to justify things done or bought for self * takes the blame for anything that goes wrong * unable to enjoy success * accepts & respects self * feels worthy of love * realistically accepts responsibility
Red Chestnut Excessive fear or concern for others * always fears the worst for loved ones * excessive worry about what could happen * feels other people's emotions too strongly * worries too much about other's problems * one's worries are burdensome to others * can balance concerns wth respect for other's autonomy * does not force help on others * empathizes with other's burdens without taking them on themselves * mental & physical calm in emergencies
Rock Rose Terror * panic * severe physical & psychological response to fear * terror brought on by nightmares * terror brought on by a traumatic event * usually brief & related to a specific event * calm * courage * presence of mind
Rock Water Self-denial, inflexibility * desires self-perfection * hard on oneself * lives up to ideals to the point of self-martyrdom * never satisfied with achievements * over-conscientious * able to give up pet theories for greater truth * able to hold high ideals with flexibility * able to flow with life * inner harmony
Scleranthus Uncertainty, indecision * doesn't seek advice * indecisive * inner restlessness * lacks balance * lacks focus, jumps from topic to topic in conversation * mood swings * unable to choose between two possibilities * unreliable * wastes time & misses opportunities due to indescision * decisive & prompt action * flexibility * focus & concentration
Star of Bethlehem Aftereffects of shock * any aftereffects of shock - recent or long past * feels numb * unable to accept comfort * unable to cope with events * withdrawn * ability to deal with emotional experiences * can give comfort to others * neutralizes effects of shock
Sweet chestnut Deep despair, extreme mental anguish * at a loss as to what can be done * can no longer bear a situation * dejection, bleakness, hopelessness * feels on the verge of mental breakdown * feels utterly lost * has reached the limit of endurance * no longer sees the light at the end of the tunnel * faith & hope * knows when to take action & when to let go * liberation from despair * optimism * peace of mind
Vervain Over-enthusiasm * at times fanatical * impulsive & idealistic * incensed by injustice * intense & overly focused * passionate about converting others * self-sacrificing, unable to relax * certain they know what is right * tend to want to force others to do what is 'good' for them * able to relax * calmness * does not need to impose beliefs on others * tolerant * wisdom
Vine Domineering, inflexible * aggressive * believes they are always right * dominating , bullying * expects obedience * hard, cruel, uncompassionate * has to have the last word * must have their own way * proud * able to encourage others without controlling them * determination without domination * inspires others with their confidence & certainty * wise leadership
Walnut Difficulty adapting to change, easily influenced * easily lead by stronger personalities or ties of loyalty * knows what they want but can't quite manage to take the last step * remedy for times of of major life changes * unable to stay true to self * ability to move forward * ignore objections of ridicule of others * makes necessary changes in life
Water Violet Proud, aloof * condescending * emotionally cold * feels isolated * feelings of superiority * keeps personal troubles to themselves * withdrawn, aloof * calm, serene, dignified * oftens serves others * warm relationships * wisdom & dignity without superiority
White Chestnut Unwanted thoughts & mental arguments * can't sleep because of incessant thoughts * goes over & over situations & conversations in their mind * incessant inner chatter * mind is like a stuck record * obsessive, worrying thoughts * clear headed * peace of mind * possitive problem solving * thinking is under control * worry is replaced by trust
Wild Oat Uncertainty about purpose in life * ambitious, but no clear direction * easily bored * frustrated & dissatisfied * spread themselves too thin * tendency to drift * vague sense of goals, but no clear direction * clear picture of purpose * positive ideas & ambitions * talents used constructively
Wild Rose Resignation, apathy * accepts fate, doesn't try for change * doesn't take themselves seriously * indifference, chronic boredom * lacks energy & ambition * lacks motivation, takes no joy in life * resigned rather than depressed * ability to change life circumstances * ambition * inner freedom & vitality * lively interest in life * sense of purpose
Willow Self-pity, resentment * begrudges other's good luck * blames circumstances on others, doesn't accept responsibility * extreme negativity * feels like a victim of fate * feels powerless * feelings of entitlement * grudging & spiteful thoughts * ability to forgive * enjoys life * in control of own destiny * positive influence on people & situation * takes responsibility for self
Recue Remedy mix of: impatiens, star of Bethlehem, cherry plum, rock rose, clematis * use: after accidents * bereavement * occasional use * stressful events * sudden bad news * use in emergencies
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