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Blog - Facing My Fear

Facing My Fear

My dad laughed, looking relieved, and said, “I know how smart you are. Your imagination is a powerful thing and can give you strength when you are scared to do something. It is important to learn how to do this. Now you know how to accomplish something when you don’t want to do it and know it is good for you to do it.”

Blog - Lightning

Lightning & Sandstorms

The scan of my right eye confirmed why I was seeing the sandstorm – it was actually blood inside my eye! I had a retinal tear and needed surgery as soon as possible.

Blog - Communication Insights

Communication Insights

What is the purpose of communication? As an author this question has always fascinated me. It is critical to provide a scene that a reader can visualize as if they were observing it unfold through a crystal ball. It must be conveyed in a manner which allows the reader to accept the scene as authentic. Once the reader has lost “faith” in a scene, despite how wonderful the plot, the whole book loses its je ne sais quoi and the reader puts it down and resists picking it up again.

Blog - Winter Advisory

Winter Advisory

Being prepared becomes second nature, so it seems ludicrous to me that the weather forecasts all come with a type of designation, like we cannot figure out for ourselves that 38° and below means freezing temperatures (and thus why the season is called winter!)

Blog - Just SIng

Just Sing

Nothing compares with the power of a song. We all have that song that takes us back to a special memory. Songs bring us patriotism, courage, and hope. We are reminded that are loved, that we can have joy, and thus comfort and peace.

Blog - Labor of Love

A Labor of Love

This is the process I used to make chicken noodle soup for my sister while she was quarantined – she swears that it was what helped her have the energy to get out of bed! I think it was all of the love that went into that pot!

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