Crystals to support arthritis symptoms.
Crystals for Arthritis Support

When the pain and inflammation of arthritis kicks in, it can severely reduce your quality of life and make the world seem gray and bleak. Finding relief can be a challenge. Fortunately, nature can give us a hand.

Whether your issue is pain, inflammation or immune disfunction, the following crystals can work alongside your medical regimen to help alleviate symptoms.

(No part of this blog is intended as medical advice. These crystals are not meant to replace you current treatment. Please consult a medical professional before making any changes to your treatment plan.)

To learn more about crystal properties, check out our crystal database in our library.

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For Joint Pain:
Tumbled blue apatite gemstones.
Tumbled malachite.
Azurite crystals on matrix.
Tumbled black obsidian.
Crystals to help with inflammation relief.
For Inflammation:
Small green calcite nugget.
Green Calcite
Tumbled kambaba jasper.
Kambaba Jasper
Rough diopside crystals.
Tumbled ocean jasper.
Ocean Jasper
For Bone & Ligaments:
Tumbled carnelian.
Tumbled fluorite.
Tumbled chrysocolla gemstones.
Tumbled petrified wood.
Petrified Wood
Crystals for autoimmune disease.
For Autoimmune Support:
Polished copper slugs.
Tiny tumbled black tourmaline
Tumbled rhodonite.
Tumbled shungite.

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