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I love words.

New words are created every day. Nuances a word takes as it journeys through the centuries are impressive. At the top of my bucket list was writing a book. I started countless times, but never got the first chapter completed. Somehow I couldn’t find a cast with a compelling plot. My aims were lofty – I wanted to trigger thoughts in my readers that empowered them to become better individuals and to promote a culture that cares more for others than for ourselves. Nothing I wrote accomplished this goal. So, I kept throwing drafts away.

Then a neighbor introduced me to Steampunk.

Blog - MEBassett


I was immediately captivated!

For Halloween that year, we invented Steampunk characters and made our own costumes. A lot of effort went into defining our characters and creating the proper gadgets. When someone asked who we were, we had a story to tell. By the time we appeared at the party, 

I was forever hooked on Steampunk.

For me, Steampunk is a forum for expressing individual interpretation. It is how you would mingle the past with the future, thus becoming the ultimate hindsight.

Steampunk provides a way to get your hands physically dirty when you design and create. It provides an outlet to rebelliously ignore the box our present techno society has created. Every person who has subscribed to the culture has their own character backstory. I love this concept.

Thousands of parallel dimensions fluidly intertwine when one Steampunker meets another for a cup of tea.

Blog - MEBassett
Blog - MEBassett

The Librarian featured in my first book, Tome I: Invitations,  was born that Halloween in 2017. As she evolved she went through many names–Penelope, Ultraviolet, Virginia, and Elaine. Whatever her name, she stuck with me. By January 2018 I had enough backstory to put on paper. By the end of the year, I had a growing cast, a plot, and hundreds of pages–the Librarian became my life.

Will my readers want to change the world because they read my book?

Probably not, but they will laugh, and think…

a good start at changing the world!


I have plans for multiple series with the Librarian. She may not be the one always telling the story, but she is always in the middle of the action – I hope you enjoy her adventures!





Alyona is dead.
Ottilee has been kidnapped.
The Requestor knows who is behind it.
He has been pushed far enough.




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