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My sister and I have a rooted belief that life is a musical.

We can repeat hours’ worth of songs, often inspired by a single word. The belief is so deeply felt that our father implemented a dining rule…no singing at the table! Anyone who broke the rule must do the dinner dishes!

Since the chore usually fell to us anyway, it wasn’t much of a threat. 

My dad realized that the battle was an example of if you can’t beat them, join them. Eventually he began to come up with his own rhymes. These are cherished memories.

My sister and I invented a singing game. We wrote every word we could think of on index cards. When we are together (especially ice fishing), we get the cards out and stuff a stack of cards in a pocket. I start the game by pulling out a card and announcing what the word is. Everyone then thinks of a song with that word in it. The rule is that the answer must be sung. When we can no longer think of a song, my sister pulls out a card from her pile and the singing continues. We go back and forth until someone catches a fish. There is no keeping score.

Blog - Just Sing

Everyone wins because we get to sing our hearts out – 

Mom, our brothers, and especially our dad!

My sister and I, at present, have converted our parents, brothers, our spouses, our kids (admittedly, the kids didn’t have much of a choice), their spouses, and our grandkids to the ♪musical philosophy♫.

No one ever leaves without a song stuck in their heads – humming or whistling it – an accomplishment that I am quite proud of.

Singing is a fantastic way to express emotional energy.

♪ ♫ Breaking into song is a brilliant method to alter moods, a huge benefit for our soul. Nothing compares with the power of a song. We all have that song that takes us back to a special memory. Songs bring us patriotism, courage, and hope. We are reminded that are loved, that we can have joy, and thus comfort and peace.

Here is a link to my YouTube playlist. I am sure I have missed some great songs, so let me know in the comments! When you listen, I dare you to sing along! It doesn’t matter that no one else can hear, that you are in the shower, in the car, at the office, or walking the busy city sidewalks…

Just sing, sing a song!

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