The vibrational frequencies of crystals can be a useful tool for occasional or chronic pain.
Crystals for Pain Relief

Aching, stabbing, throbbing, twinging…pain comes in many forms. It can wear you down and make it hard to move forward in life. Finding relief can be a challenge.

Fortunately, nature has provided us with a spectrum of pain relief options. Used alone or in combination with other methods, the vibrational frequencies of crystals can be a useful tool to help you leave occasional or even chronic pain behind.

Wear them as jewelry or put them in your pocket and see what the following crystals can do to help.

(No part of this blog is intended as medical advice. If your pain persists or is frequently recurring, please consult a medical professional.)


The vibrational frequencies of crystals can be a useful tool for occasional or chronic pain.

To learn more about crystal properties, check out our crystal database in our library.

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Crystals for General Pain

Tumbled chevron amethyst.
Tumbled blue kyanite.
Tumbled lapis lazuli.
Lapis Lazuli
Tumbled mahogany obsidian.
Mahogany Obsidian

Crystals to Ameliorate or Draw Out Pain

Amber specimen.
Tumbled amber aragonite.
Sliced and polished larimar.

Crystals for Headache

Tumbled ametrine.
Tumbled dumortierite.
Sugilite chip bead elastic bracelet.

Crystals for Joint and Muscle Pain

Tumbled infinite serpentine.
Infinite Serpentine
Tumbled red jasper.
Red Jasper
Kunzite chip bracelet.
Tumbled shungite.

Crystals for Nerve Pain

Tumbled tree agate.
Tree Agate
Tumbled fluorite.

Crystals for Emotional Pain

Tumbled angelite.
Tumbled celestite gemstones.
Tumbled crazy lace agate
Crazy Lace Agate
Tumbled smoky quartz.
Smoky Quartz
Shiva lingam-1 inch
Shiva Lingam
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