Natures Symphony-music made in partnership with plants. Discover more at Hearthside Inspirations.
Music That Sings to Your Soul

Have you experienced the healing power of nature? Perhaps you have taken a soothing walk in the forest or luxuriated on the springy softness of a green lawn. Through color, scent, sound and vibrant energy, the plant kingdom can be an amazing partner in healing.

For decades, researchers at Devodama have been investigating how to communicate with plants. In the course of their investigations, they discovered that plants love to make music. Using a device that reads the bioelectric signatures of the plants and a synthesizer, they devised a way to let the plants sing. The following video is a demonstration of how it works.

Using Devodama’s Music of the Plants device, Hearthside Inspirations has collaborated with the plants to bring you Nature’s Symphony – music that sings to the soul.

Nature’s Symphony music can be used for meditation, ambiance, and even therapeutically to heal the heart, mind and soul. 

Discover the Power of communing with the plants. Your world will never be the same.

Let nature sing to your soul. Discover the songs of the plants at Hearthside Inspirations.

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