Pyramids: Exploring Tools for Wellness
Exploring Tools for Wellness: Pyramids

The pyramid shape has long held a fascination for mankind. Cultures worldwide have built pyramid shaped monuments both large and small whose function is not fully understood by researchers and scholars today. Many experiments have been conducted showing that the pyramid shape seems to gather and focus energy. How that energy can be used is still being explored, however current research is showing great potential for using pyramid energy in healing applications. This article explores the pyramid as a torsion field generator and how this property could possibly be used in conjunction with crystals and gemstones to effect change in the energy of a person or a space.

The Pyramid as a Healing Force

Much research has been done exploring the potential of pyramid energies. Russian scientists, in particular, have conducted many experiments into the environmental and physical effects of this energy. Some of their conclusions are that pyramid energy: creates heightened immunity in rats; acts as an antiviral agent; assists growth in premature infants; reduces the criminal and violent behavior in prisoners; assists in regeneration of the environment; and promotes enhanced agricultural growth.(1) Other studies have shown that housing mice in pyramids reduces stress damage caused from prolonged confinement and evidence suggests the presence of a magnetic field within a pyramid similar to that used in bio-resonance therapy.(2)

Explore the Potential of PyramidsMeditating in pyramids has become quite popular. Pyramid exposure is believed to put the mind into an alpha state. EEG tests from subjects meditating in pyramids have shown higher frequency and higher amplitude alpha waves.(3) Researcher Nick Edwards found that the sharper, Nubian style, pyramids seem to have a more highly vibrating energy than other pyramids and are particularly good for meditation. He suggests that the Cheops style pyramids (also called Giza or Phi pyramids) have a softer, more subtle energy and are good for sleep and dreaming.(4)

Other ways people are using pyramids for healing include charging water or food, cleansing and energizing crystals, and for treating specific conditions by positioning a pyramid directly over an area that needs healing. Much research has yet to be done, but some users have experienced remarkable results in their use of pyramids in these ways.

Pyramids as Resonators and Radiators of Energy

The very shape of the pyramid is an amplified receiver or resonator of various types of energy fields, i.e. electro-magnetic waves, cosmic rays, electrical discharges, gravitational waves, etc., surrounding our planet and which are in the air around and within the pyramid.

A pyramid shape generates a spin field from its apex for electrons so they can move around their own axis. Energy entering a pyramid is bounced around and concentrated at about 1/3 of the height from its apex. As the pyramid saturates with energy the corners radiate that energy outwards. It is also possible that pyramids focus and resonate sound vibrations. Some meditators have reported hearing distant ringing sound when within a pyramid.(6)

Pyramid Types

Russian researchers further determined that the shape of a pyramid influences it radiating or resonating properties. They found that phi or Giza pyramids do not radiate energy up or down, but act as a resonator.(7) Other research has shown that energy saturated, resonating pyramids tend to release energy from the corners(8), so perhaps the Giza pyramids behave in this manner. The Russian researchers also found that obtuse pyramids, those with a raised square base, acted as a radiator downward from its base, while a sharper (Nubian style) pyramid acted as an antenna or radiator upward from its apex.(9)

These energies appear to have an influence on things around and within the pyramid and researcher Joe Parr found that the energies can be strengthened by specific sound frequencies such as 51.5 Hz or by electro-static energy.(10)

Pyramids as Torsion Field Generators

Brandon D. Murphy reports that phi pyramids that feature the Golden Ratio can be described as passive torsion generators and that Russian researchers found the pyramid shape naturally harnesses torsion waves as if amplifying them.(11)

What does that mean for healing purposes? Torsion waves are twisting or spiraling waves, often with a phi ratio spiral. Any particle or object that spins produces torsion waves and in turn generates its own torsion field or bubble of energy around it.(12) We have already seen how pyramids generate a spin field, thus each pyramid has its own static torsion field. One object’s torsion field can be changed by the influence of another field and the changes will remain in effect after the influence of the external field is removed.(13) This explains why people and objects are influenced by the energy of pyramids as, by their nature, they act as concentrators and amplifiers of energies that enter them.

My Experiences with Pyramids

Shungite PyramidAs I studied the energy of pyramids I began to wonder if, by placing different crystals or gemstones inside of a pyramid, its energies could be fine-tuned to act in specific ways. My curiosity was aroused by an experience I had with a shungite pyramid. Shungite is a grounding and cleansing, carbon-based crystal. It is, in fact, used to purify water. I have a three inch pyramid made of shungite that I keep in my therapy room for use with some of my clients who come to me for crystal therapy. I had been having difficulty with a strange smell in my treatment room that I could not clear out. It was not a terrible smell, but I am sensitive to smells and it was bothersome. Every few days I would have to air out the room. One day—I had been studying about pyramids—I noticed this pyramid as I was tidying the room. One of the things I had learned was that in order to activate a pyramid (turn it on, so to speak) one side had to be facing towards magnetic north. This pyramid was not aligned that way, so I fetched a compass and aligned it properly, then I left the room. I did not have cause to enter the room for several days and I expected it to be stuffy and to smell. However, much to my surprise, the room smelled fresh and clean as if the window had been open. The only thing that had changed was the placement of that shungite pyramid, a natural cleanser. What’s more, the smell has not come back.

This experience sparked the idea that maybe the pyramid shape used in conjunction with gemstones and crystals could produce a more potent therapeutic tool. I have further experimented with various stones under a six inch copper pyramid placed on a chest at the foot of my bed. The energy does seem to vary in a physically noticeable way with varying stones and there are times when the energy is too strong and I have to ‘turn off’ the pyramid by turning it away from magnetic north. These are not scientific experiments, but the experiences I have had seem to indicate that further experimentation is warranted.


This article touches only briefly on the many experiments that have been conducted exploring pyramid energy. They show that pyramids gather and radiate energy, create their own torsion fields that can influence objects and people around them, and appear to have positive healing effects on people, animals and the environment. Though much study needs to be done, I believe that it may be possible to fine-tune the energy of a pyramid by intentionally influencing the type of energy entering into its field through the use of crystals, sound, Reiki or other techniques. In this way, perhaps a pyramid could be used as a more focused healing tool.


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