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The Face Behind Gallo’s Laser Engraving

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• Her words to live by are, “If it doesn’t take hard work to get it, it’s not worth having.” If Christina were a tree, she would be a weeping willow – they are beautiful while protecting all within its branches. She loves to help people feel that security.

• Christina loves to be outdoors and to go fast on any recreational vehicle. If she had to choose between the invisible superpower or the flying superpower, she would choose flying, “I would be strong – able to lift and move stuff quickly!”

• If she and her husband were shipwrecked on an island and had all the necessities (food and water), Christina would spend her time fishing. Two things she would like to have on the island would be Pepsi and her animals.

Blog - Gallo's Face
The face behind Gallo's Laser Engraving

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