Ground yourself with the heartbeat of the earth.
Ground Yourself to the Heartbeat of the Earth

Do you ever find yourself feeling disconnected? Unfocused? Are your thoughts scattered? Do you feel disoriented or unsure of how to move forward in life? It may be that you need to find grounding by reconnecting with the Schumann resonances of the earth.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Schumann resonance is created as lightning strikes generate electromagnetic waves that oscillate at frequencies (called Hertz or Hz for short) of between 6-50 Hz. These waves circle around the earth, bouncing between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere about 60 miles above us. The primary or fundamental frequency of the Schumann resonance is 7.83 Hz.

As lightning is constantly striking the earth somewhere in the world, the resonance of these frequencies is always around us, sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker, but always there. While we are not conscious of this pulsing “heartbeat”, its presence has a profound effect on life here on earth.

We will not get into more technical detail about the Schumann resonance here, however if you would like to learn more check out these resources:

Why is the Schumann Resonance Important?

Research has shown that our brains and biological systems are entrained—tuned—to the Schumann resonance, the background rhythm or “heartbeat” of the earth. Researcher Herman König was able to demonstrate a strong link between the Schumann resonance and brain wave patterns as the low frequencies of the waves resonate with the frequencies of human brainwaves. In the presence of these waves, our brainwaves begin to match or become entrained to these patterns. When deprived of these frequencies disruptions in brainwave patterns develop causing mental and emotional stress and eroding physical health. Emotionally and physically we depend on our connection to our earth and its vibrations.

Today, electromagnetic waves from our phones, television, wi-fi, appliances, computers and other devices act as electronic smog, making it harder to connect with the frequencies of well-being. It is increasingly easy to get cut off from our roots, so to speak, and that can leave us feeling spacey, muddy headed or physically ill.

Fortunately, reconnecting to our roots is not difficult. Try the following practices and discover the power and stability of tuning in to the Schumann resonance

3 Easy Ways to Ground Your Energy to the Schumann Resonance

3 Easy Ways to Ground Your Energy to the Schumann Resonance

Practice Grounding Meditations

Intentionally tuning in is probably the most powerful way to resonate with the earth’s heartbeat. Find a moment when you can be still and quiet (it doesn’t have to be long), close your eyes and imagine energetic roots growing down from your feet deep into the earth. Feel the stability of the earth—its slow, steady pulse—and allow it to flow into you.

This simple visualization will tune out the “noise” frequencies and help you focus on resonating with the healing vibrations of our planet.

Spend Time in Nature

Another good way to slow down and tune in is to take a walk in a forest or park. All life on earth is attuned to the Schumann resonance and the vibrations of the plants and animals around us can have a profound impact on our own energies. So, hug a tree or walk barefoot in the grass. Your brain and body will thank you.

Listen to Music That Incorporates Schumann Frequencies

With the growing interest in the Schumann resonance, there is a good deal of music that has been created that incorporates the Schumann frequencies. Listening to these can be a good way to help your body resonate with the earth. Bass drums with a steady, soothing rhythm are also a helpful tool to find the connection and stability of earth energy.

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It only takes a few minutes to reconnect to the healing resonance of our great planet. Taking the time each day to retune our systems to the heartbeat of the earth will bring an added sense of stability and well-being to your life.

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