Outstretched hands with the title It's Not About You.
It’s Not About You

Last Sunday I received a bracelet with the words “It’s Not About You” on it. I put it on and read those words every time I looked down. I think Heaven sent it as a reminder, for this has been my mantra for several years now, especially when I am confronted with social situations that make me feel insecure and anxious. It’s not about you. What a liberating thought.

Fear can be a paralyzing thing. Especially when we fear what others will think of us or how they view us. It makes us second guess everything, from what we wear, to what we say and even, sometimes, what we think. It stifles, smothers and hinders us from moving forward. This type of fear always makes us draw inwards, become “me” focused.

The real danger when we make things about us is that we then are unable to reach out to others. We pull our energy in close, even suck energy from those around us in our effort to be protected or lifted up. But it is only when we focus outward, project our own loving energy toward others that we are truly lifted. Only by sharing of ourselves do we find confidence and peace.

A hand offering a heart carved in stone.

It’s not about you.

When we believe this we will find freedom and we will find joy, for when we think about others instead of ourselves, the fear melts away and in its place comes a wealth of experiences that teach us who we truly are and what we are capable of becoming. It isn’t about who we are or what people think, it is about what we can give.

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