Graphic of a section of iron fence with the title Resisting Change.
Resisting Change

We had a system. Over the course of months we had developed a method of working that seemed to be efficient and practical. We were in the groove and finally comfortable with what we were accomplishing. Then someone from the outside, someone with authority over us, came into our little sphere and told us all the things we were doing wrong. Like a dog raising my hackles, I thought, “Who is he to come in here and tell us how to do our jobs!” Of course, he had every right to instruct us. It is his job. Our methods had to change, despite my resistance.

Suggestions from others are often hard to take with a smile. Sometimes it can feel like a personal attack when someone gives advise or instruction. If you are stubborn, like me, your initial reaction may be to close your mind and stick to your guns. “I’ve been doing it this way and it works for me. My way is the right way.”

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A funny thing happened, though, as we began to implement the directed changes. He was right! The changes he requested were mostly aesthetic, about where we put things and how things looked. Once they were made, not only were they quite functional, they changed the energy and atmosphere of our environment. Things were more peaceful, more orderly. His suggestions fixed things that I hadn’t consciously realized were bothering me, but they were. Now, things were much better.

As I took a moment to look around and feel the peace the changes brought, I had to laugh at my petulant resistance. It made me realize how often I allow my need to be right to get in the way of suggestions that can improve my life. If I would only open my heart and mind to new ways of thinking, I might discover that I can learn from other’s wisdom and experience.

Not all advice will be what is best for us, but it doesn’t hurt to listen and give suggestions some careful thought. If we let go of our resistance to change, especially change suggested by others, we may find that change can be very, very good.

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