Lit lamp on a table with the title Recognizing Abundance.
Recognizing Abundance

Yesterday I awoke to a chilly house. The furnace seemed to be running, but it was only blowing cold air. It was one of those moments when you realize how much you depend on the little things that suddenly aren’t so little once they stop working. It always reminds me of how blessed we are and how our lives are filled with abundance.

Water faucet dripping water into a full cup.It is easy to take familiar things for granted. Running water, automatic heat, instant hot water, machines that wash our dishes and our clothes, toilet paper—all of these things make our lives more comfortable and convenient, but how often do we pause and feel grateful for them? I tend to barely notice them until I turn on a faucet and nothing comes out, or flip a switch and remain in darkness. Then, as I stand there feeling bereft and a bit alarmed, I realize how wonderful and marvelous these little things really are.

Do you ever find yourself feeling needy? Do you ever think, “If only I had….” Concentrating on what we lack is a very human habit. The problem is that we can never seem to get enough to fill that void inside of us. As I contemplated my previously faithful furnace, I realized that my life is so full of abundance that there isn’t room for lack. Counting your blessings really does bring a sense of peace, a fullness of gratitude, and suddenly life itself is enough—even if the furnace is broken.

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