Drawing of snowflakes falling on a black background with the title Overlooked Treasures.
Overlooked Treasures

I hate snow. It’s wet, it’s cold and it makes things generally miserable. Yuck!

I live in a very snowy place. I have seen it snow every month of the year here. You would think I would leave, find some place warmer and greener to live. Yet, here I am and every once in a while life teaches me why I live in such a place.

The other day it was snowing. I was cold. I was miserable. I was more than a bit whiny. I got out of my car and reached to open the back door to retrieve something from the back seat. My haUp close picture of a snowflake on a blue background.nd stopped short of the handle. There on its black surface lay a perfect snowflake. It was small and delicate and the temperature of the air and the handle kept it from melting so I was able to see each exquisite detail of its crystal structure. Its beauty made my breath catch in my throat. Suddenly, the snow wasn’t quite so cold and miserable.

Later, it was still snowing. Now it was dark and the snowflakes were dancing in the lights that lined the sidewalk where I walked. There was magic there and a peaceful beauty that made up for the fact that I had to sweep several inches of the fluffy stuff off of my car before I could drive it.

Pine tree covered in a blanket of snow.Several days later it was frosty and cold. The sun was bright and it sparkled off of a million diamonds sprinkled in the snow that has buried my green grass.

I hate snow. But when I take the time to look deeper, I realize that snow has its own splendid qualities that have the power to lift my soul. Things are like that. So are people. When we take the time to look and recognize and wonder, we often find overlooked treasures in the things we once despised.

Treasure is sometimes found in things we once despised.

2 thoughts on “Overlooked Treasures”

  1. I love the snow. Maybe because I don’t mind being snowed in. But I love the white clean blanket it lays on the world around us. Then when I watch the girls play in the snow that is deeper than they are tall and thoroughly enjoy the wonder, it helps me to love living in a winter wonderland! Plus random side note – when I start to dislike the snow/cold I just think about the fact we can heat our houses to the temperature we want, but where it is really hot what do you do if the electricity goes out in 100+ degree weather? I would rather be able to throw more blankets on the bed or more layers on then be melting. 🙂

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